Thursday, October 29, 2009

At least I have an excuse for not posting for a month...we moved. I hate moving, especially twice in a year. But the new house is big(ish) and airy and very private. It has lovely tropical plants all the way around and a hot tub on the back lanai. My room is much bigger, so I have room for my computer and a drawing table. Now I have no excuse not to get something done. I'm not finished sorting and arranging, much less finding everything I need. A lot of stuff is in plastic bins in the garage, so it's going to take a while.
The house is painted in several colors...the slate blue is lovely and soothing, but the egg-yolk yellow and acid green have got to go! We were hoping to have it done before we moved in, but there's so much delay and complications in buying a house that we weren't even sure about it until about a week before our move date. Nearly every room in the house has one wall painted green or yellow, and the colors are so gaudy and (as my friend Trish said) "contentious."
Here's my room before I moved in. The yellow and green don't look nearly as bad in the picture as they do in real life. That ceiling fan is great, though; keeps the room nice and cool without air conditioning. Outside the huge window is the back lanai with palms and heliconias.