Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Bead Jewelry

I've been making these tiny earrings with seed beads and other beads; they are about a half inch or slightly more. I have a huge collection of beads; I buy them because they don't take up much space, unlike most art and craft supplies. Available at my Etsy shop [tarazara].

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beads and more beads...

My latest obsession, a recurring one throughout my life, is beading. Now I'm making rings and earrings with seed beads and other beads. It's exacting work, which is what I like to do. I'm constantly thinking up new styles and variations, from simple bands to miniature crowns. These and lots more available on my Etsy shop [tarazara].
Blue/Silver Wide Band


Crown Ring - Silver and Fuschia
Crown Ring - Fuschia and Blue
Black and Turquoise Cube Ring

Sunday, July 11, 2010

More doll-ish figures

These are some copper figures I made ages ago. I only have the one with the bead skirt. The others (there were a couple more) I gave to someone to photograph for an art site, and when I asked for them back, she insisted she didn't have them. The site was supposed to sell various kinds of art and crafts, but I don't think it ever got off the ground. I learned my lesson; never hand over your stuff - use your own pictures. I think I didn't have a camera at the time and just scanned these so they are not the best pix.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dolls, or something like that.

I hesitate to call these dolls, but what else can I call them? I made these from torn strips of old cotton sheets. I hate to toss out old sheets - after the years of use and washing, they are so soft and seem still useful to me. I got this idea to tear them up and make some dolls by braiding and wrapping. There's almost no sewing except a few hand stitches here and there.
I love them as they are, but I think they need embellishment; beads and ribbon and bits of old jewelry.