Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nearly the end of the year

Wow, didn't post for over a month! The sale went pretty well, and I had fun meeting the other members. I sold a bunch of the magnets, but nothing else.
Since then I haven't gone to the studio, partly because I was sick. I've been concentrating on doing online stuff, like putting the magnets on my etsy site. My etsy name is tarazara.
I'm not sure how to drive traffic to it, so feel free to send the link to anyone you like!
I caught the very end of a documentary on the Independent Film Channel about a woman who does miniature knitting - 1/12 scale, for dollhouse dolls, and is now doing dollhouse scale for dollhouses - 1/144 scale! The finished sweaters fit on a dime! See them here: Bugknits
I was so impressed, I decided to start working again on my miniature crochet. I used to do these about 20 years ago, and I like them because they are so quick to make. My sister asked me to make a miniature piece of pie for a friend...I didn't have the right size thread, so it isn't as refined as some of the older pieces, but I hope to do a whole food series. I don't know what I'll do with them, as usual. Here are pix of the older pieces - mostly cups and saucers.

This one is about the size of a nickel:

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  1. I remember these! That knitting lady is really amazing. I can't imagine doing those tiny detailed pieces..