Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Year of Doing Nothing

I've been in Hawai'i over a year, and I feel like I've done nothing all year. I made a few little items here and there, sewed some clothes for my sister, but I haven't done any drawing (not much, anyway). I'm hoping this will be followed by the Year of Doing Much...I'd like to design and sew some clothes, do a lot of drawing, some printmaking, maybe some painting and papermaking, make jewelry and beadwork, and a lot of other things.
After working at a job for 3 years before I moved back to Hawai'i, where I had to do a lot of stuff all day, I felt like my creative juices were being depleted. At home I didn't have the time or energy to do much. Now I have no excuse, since my main job is to stay at home with my mother, do the grocery shopping and some cooking, take my mom out for her errands, and generally be a housewife (bizarre!).
There will be some big changes soon (stay tuned) and I'm hoping to find inspiration in the changes and my surroundings. Plus I have got to get really serious about making money from my art - online or wherever. If any of my readers has suggestions about how to promote my art online, I'd love to hear it. If anyone would like to be my agent, I'd like that too.

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