Saturday, November 15, 2008

More prints for the sale

I figure this is as good a time as any to scan all my prints, though there are some monoprints I forgot to scan before I took them to the studio...I guess I'll go take pictures of them so I'll have some documentations. Here's some more of the prints I put in the sale.

Mona Redux
(2.75" x 3.5")
This print has line etching, aquatint, white ground etching and some open bite. I wasn't trying to make her look like the Mona Lisa, but once it was done, I thought that's what she looked like.

(1.75" x 3.75")
Pohaku can mean either rock or thunder in Hawaiian, but either works for this print.

Salt and Pepper
(7.5" x 2.75")
This is all open-bite etching...a technique which takes careful timing when putting the plate in the acid.

(2" x 4")
I just love this print...I like making lots of fine lines.

Carp Dream
(10" x 6")
One of only two lithographs I ever did. Besides the fact that litho is a tedious process, and the only part that is fun is actually drawing on the stone, I had a horrible experience with the teacher in my litho class, and he made me never want to do litho again. He hated this print, and the other one I did. His actual words at the class critique were, "I don't know why you even bother." He was such an asshole, and I only found out later that he didn't like me because the head of the printmaking department thought I was a genius and I guess he saw me as competition. Everyone else who has seen this print loved it, but I still get a sick feeling thinking about that critique.


  1. This carp one is so fun..I don't remember seeing it before..Maybe you couldn't even stand to share it because of the teacher. It reminds me of the ceramics teacher who made me turn away from clay...until 30 years later when I had to teach it...