Friday, November 14, 2008


When you think of an artist, you think they are creating art or thinking about don't imagine what goes into getting ready for a show or sale. I used a P-touch printer to print out what seemed like a zillion labels. I needed inventory tags for each item, prices, and titles. For the Fine Art for the Fridge magnets I printed out labels for, now I have to set up a web site in the next two weeks just in case anyone wants to order more...which entails scanning all the available prints and working out some kind of order system.
But I delivered all the prints to the studio today - whew! There were 44 magnets and 40 other prints of various sizes. The hardest part was pricing them - I probably priced them too low, but I'd like to sell a lot, to get my name out there and to get a lot of inventory off my hands. Here's a few of the prints I have in the show...Nancy helped me with some of the titles. Sometimes I do a print with no clear plan in mind, usually somewhat abstract, then I can't even decide which side is up. I always like to have other people, especially non-artists, tell me what they think and suggest a title.

(4" x 2.75")
This has always been one of my favorites; I had a lot of fun making the plate...various techniques of aquatint and open bite.

"...and the wind blew the sky into her hair..."
(6" x 4.75")
This one has the longest title ever, and I'm not sure why...someone in a printmaking workshop may have suggested it.

Planet Dancing
(9" x 4")
A collagraph - the plate is made from two layers of mat board covered in layers of acrylic gloss medium. It's quick and easy to make a plate this way (if you don't count the drying time between layers of medium), plus it's non-toxic.

(6" x 4")
Ah, my lovely punks...the girl on the right is another portrait of my old printmaking buddy Mo Lea, whom I wish I could get in touch with again. [Note: I just googled and found her! She teaches art at a college in Bedfordshire, UK! I emailed her and I hope she writes back.] I hope she is still doing etchings, because she was a genius. I have to find the print she gave me and post it here.

The Piano Lesson
(5" x 8")
Nancy suggested the title for this, after turning it vertical...I had always looked it horizontally and it never really made a whole lot of sense.

They look like they are all the same size on the screen, so I added the dimensions to give an idea of their actual sizes.

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