Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day of the week confusion

Since my sister has days off from teaching, we've been hanging out and doing stuff, and now I'm thoroughly confused about the day of the week. I'm days behind in posting; last post was Monday, and today is Thursday, I believe, so I need to post at least 3 images.
1. Sunglass girls - a theme I've been doing for years. I have zillions of doodles and sketches of people with sunglasses.
2. Reclining nude - I guess I've mentioned before that this is a favorite theme of mine, and also my favorite way to be: nude and reclining.
3. This is an African mask I saw in a museum or perhaps in a book. It must have been during my scientific illustration period, with the attention to detail and even the texture of the wood. I love doing scientific illustration and replicating something with the accuracy of a photograph. Actually, one of the advantages of illustration over photography is that details can often be shown more accurately in a drawing.

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