Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where to find my art for sale

I have added links on the sidebar to my shop on Etsy. Fine Art For the Fridge magnets: each thin flexible magnet frame holds an individual work of art, an original etching, printed by the artist (me). Most are 2"x2.5", some are 2"x2". I hope to be adding more soon, and some of my bigger prints (not as magnets).
I also have some of my couched gold embroidered pins. Each one takes about ten hours to complete; they are embroidered on velveteen, then stretched over a form to keep its shape. The back is covered with a small piece of leather holding the pin in place. These are all I have, and I don't know if I will do any more, unless someone has a specific request.
And there are fabric dolls - they are made entirely of worn, torn, faded cotton. There is no sewing, they are made completely braided, tied and/or wrapped. They are happy in your pocket, on a shelf, or sitting in a window.
If anything else on my blog interests you, just ask in comments if it's available. Most of the prints I post are still available for reasonable prices.

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